AXA's IRC Channel

AXA has an irc channel on the Keyboard Failure network

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a useful way of chatting with many people at the same time. It uses rooms called "channels" (usually indicated by a # in front of the name). In order to use IRC you need to download an IRC client (program).
Windows Users--mIRC
MAC Users

In the channel people who have a @ by their name are ops (operators). They can kick users who are not behaving and use other special commands. People who have a + by their name are voiced. Being voiced means you can talk if the channel is set to "moderated", meaning only ops and voices can talk. Permanently voiced users are peons, peons will be automatically voiced when they join the channel (or can set their status to voiced by typing !voice, they can set their status down by typing !devoice) and can set an info line (!setinfo type infoline), a text message displayed when they join the channel. You may also wish to view who is opped and voiced with the !users command.

Once you have downloaded your client, and installed it, you will have to connect to the server. For help in doing this please consult the help file that came with your client. It helps if you pick a username that is recognizable as being you. Impersonating someone else may get you banned. Once you have joined you should register your account.

IRC also allows you to use commands in addition to typing just text. The standard user will not need to know all the commands. A few basics that might help are:
/me --creates an third person action phrase starting with your username
/whois [username] --tells you information about the person whose name you typed in
More complete command lists can be found on the following pages:
New User Guide
Channel Modes
Channel Services