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Every Animal Crossing town has a Clothing Shop run by the Able Sisters, Mabel and Sable. Here you can borrow patterns that can be applied to your walls, clothing, etc. If you don't like the Ables' textures, you can make your own. These textures can be made at the Able shop, or by downloading to your Gameboy Advance via a GBA/GCN cable. We've archived a variety of textures at AXA that can be redrawn easily in your own game.

Texture Organization

AXA User Textures, sorted alphabetically by author:

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Official textures: These are textures that were printed in Nintendo Power or some other official Nintendo source.

Unclaimed textures: At some point a few years back AXA lost part of the site. Many of our textures donated by forum users were never identified/reclaimed. If you know who any of these belong to, let us know.

Texture Files

Want to download the current template for AXA Textures? Click here: AC Textures Template Ver3. Special thanks to TheLivingRobot for creating the file.