Animal Crossing: Wild World Expansion Guide

Part of the appeal of the Animal Crossing Series is the ability to design your own home. Essential to design, and of course, high HRA scores, is having a house large enough to hold lots of furniture. Thus, for many of us, the primary goal in the game is to expand our home as often as we can. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, the initial house consists of two floors, one 4x4 area, and the save room. The final expansion includes three floors and six rooms, turning out to be a rather large house. Below you will find a diagram of the intial house and each expansion, along with the cost due to Tom Nook. Happy decorating!

Expansion Guide
Expansion PictureDetails
Expansion: Starter House
Cost: 19,800 bells
Comments: Although your house appears to be a simple one-floor house from the outside, there is a second floor inside. This second floor is the "Save Room" marked by the "SR" in red letters. Instead of talking to a gyroid as you did in Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Gamecube, you will have to save your progress in a bedroom inside your house.
Expansion: First Expansion
Cost: 120,000 bells
Comments: The first expansion widens the first floor room from 4x4 to 6x6.
Expansion: Second Expansion
Cost: 298,000 bells
Comments: The second expansion widens the first expansion from 6x6 to 8x8.
Expansion: Third Expansion
Cost: 598,000 bells
Comments: The third expansion is a bit different than the others. You get a second floor--but wait--didn't you already have one? Well, here's the trick. The second floor (your save room) is bumped up to a third floor room that's also 6x6, and you now can use the 6x6 second floor room for something other than a save room.
Expansion: Fourth Expansion
Cost: 728,000 bells
Comments: The expansions are starting to get very pricey now. The final expansion in Animal Crossing was around this much money, but in Wild World there's still two more expansions (with higher prices!) after this one. This time you get a 6x6 room added onto the side of the house. Let's just think of this as the left wing.
Expansion: Fifth Expansion
Cost: 848,000 bells
Comments: All this money, and all you get is another 6x6 room added to your house. Why is the right wing 120,000 bells more than the left wing? We don't know. Take it up with Tom Nook.
Expansion: Final Expansion
Cost: 948,000 bells
Comments: The last expansion is another 6x6 room added to the back of your house. By now you're probably pretty broke, but your house has changed from a small hut to a good sized mansion. It even looks like one from the outside.