How Animal Crossing Helped Me Meet My Girlfriend

If you had to ask me two years ago, what the most obscure game I play is, I would say animal crossing. I mean, who else plays Animal Crossing other than children and older people? 

As it turns out, Animal Crossing is one of the most popular games sold by Nintendo – of all time. Another little quirk about this game is its fanbase. It seems like no matter what Comic-Con-inspired event you go to, you always see about 50 people dressed up as Animal Crossing characters – and I just so happened to find the hottest one. 

Comic-Con San Diego 2014

If you’ve ever thought about paying a visit to Comic-Con all by yourself, trust me when I say that It’s worth it. When you go with your friends, you just end up dealing with one hangup after another. You can barely walk around without bumping into someone dressed as, and you can’t go more than 5 feet without one of your friends taking a picture with someone.  

Sometimes you just need to go and soak in all the culture, hopefully without getting hung up on every little table that has a hot girl handing merchandise out. Once I arrived at the event, I instantly gravitated toward anybody wearing an Animal Crossing costume. And OK, I’ll admit it. I got a little lonely there. 

THat’s why my face lit up like a Christmas tree the moment I saw my girlfriend standing there wearing that sexy little villager costume. And while I’ll be the first to admit a large t-shirt/dress with a flower on the front isn’t very appealing, it spoke volumes to me at the time. 


I should probably premise this story by telling you how great I looked in my Animal Crossing costume. I was wearing my blue vans, long black socks, black shorts, a big red villager shirt with that iconic #1 on the front, and a small wooden ax. I can’t remember being more proud of a simple cosplay in my life. 

Anyways, as nervous as I was to go talk to her, I knew that we had at least one topic to talk about before I choked up and walked away. But this didn’t happen because before I could even turn around after finally building the nerve up, she was standing there right in front of me. She didn’t waste any time either. 

She said, “Hey! I noticed you staring at my costume, and I couldn’t help but notice yours!” I froze instantly. Never before had a girl, let alone a girl that had previously caught my eye, come up and spoken to ME first, but I had to believe my eyes. She was blonde with curls in her hair: not small natural ones though, almost like she did it up just for me. She had a nice body from what I could tell (I couldn’t really see because of the shirt/dress), and she was bubbly as all hell. God, what a woman. 

After some verbal stumbling, I finally came to ask her what her name was. “April,” she said. All I could think about was how perfect of a name it was, and my eyes darted all over the room before I remembered to tell her mine too. 

The First Date?

After some light chatting, she told me about how she’d never been to Chic-fil-a before. I tried to think of something to say about chic-fil-a, but I was still stumbling through my words at this point. Never before had a girl kept up a conversation with me for this amount of time, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how we were standing up. 

I finally said what was buried in my head through the awkward pauses, “I think there’es actually a Chic-fil-a right across the street if you want to grab a bite to eat right now. You can tell me more about your costume!” It was a weird feeling, for sure. But low and behold; it worked. 

We sat down, and I’ll never forget how she looked with that Chic-fil-a booth light resting on her face. God, what a great day that was. I ended up explaining why I was there by myself, and she told me she was trying the same thing this year. She said something along the lines of “It seemed like a good idea t first, but then I got a little lonely. I’m so glad two Animal Crossing enthusiasts found each other, otherwise, I wouldn’t have ever met you. And we’ve been dating for two years this Friday.

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Learn the Basics to Getting Started with Animal Crossing

You’ve probably heard all the hype by now about the newest installment of the Animal Crossing series – a game for the Nintendo Switch. While fans eagerly await the release of more details about the game, perhaps at this year’s E3, there are those few that haven’t played Animal Crossing yet but want to get the idea so they can get the newest version. If you’re going to start playing New Leaf on your Nintendo 3Ds, there’s a whole world of Animal Crossing awaiting you that can be overwhelming to learn. But just with any other game, you’re just going to have to play and learn as you go. 

Before you begin, however, and to make things easier for you, we’re going to spend some time discussing the basics of Animal Crossing so you can get started and learn all about the virtual world of talking animals. 

Start Screen

When you first enter the game, you will need to either build your town or move into one you’ve already made. But since you’re new to the game, you probably haven’t. So, you can do a ‘New Save File’ that starts you on a train with the character Rover to your randomized town layout. Rover is one of the many recurring animal characters you will come across in the game. Here is where you will also pick your player and town name. Keep it simple so that other players can easily spell your name when trading, and don’t enter any empty spaces before you type the name. 

Getting Started

On this train ride, your friend Rover will make a call to one of his buddies to make sure you have a place to stay, and upon arrival to the train station, you will meet Tom Nook, a bipedal Japanese raccoon dog, also known as a tanuki. Tom Nook will lend you money to buy one of four houses with the agreement that you will pay him back and help at his shop. After picking the one you like, head back to Tom’s shop to start doing chores for him, as you won’t be able to save your game until you complete a few of these, which you can do at the rotation Gyroid statue in front of your house.

Basic Controls

These are the control shortcuts you should know:

  • A: Talk, open door, shake a tree, use tool (catch bugs, cast lure, swing ax), read signs, activate stereo and furniture animations (if available)
  • B: Pick up and put away item, cancel action (back to the previous screen), hold to run (shoulder buttons will work as well if you want to give that finger a break)
  • X: Check the map, multi-item selection (when selling items or organizing letters)
  • Z: Switch on lights indoors
  • L: Grab single item when in menu
  • Z, L, R: Stop playing an NES game
  • C-Stick: Work out (will only work when Aerobics are in session)

Visiting Other Towns

To visit other towns, which is hugely beneficial for advancing in the game, you or a friend will need to have a second memory card with different town data. Once you have that, you can go to the train station and get a ticket. You can either travel indirectly or directly, and the difference is that you can still play on the first memory card, and any other remaining players, despite your absence. With direct travel, you will be penalized upon your return to town if any data was changed and no player can play with the first memory card while you’re gone. 

When you get to a new town, you should visit the police station to receive a tourist map that will help you explore the village. Each village you visit will have utterly different fruit than yours that you can buy and take home to plant new fruit trees. You can also purchase items from Tom Nook’s store that are different from those you have.

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Animal Crossing Tips and Tricks

Animal Crossing is a popular game for fans of Nintendo. The latest update on the game has been a mobile app available for free on both Android and iOS, and for eagerly awaiting fans, the next move for the Animal Crossing franchise is going to be a Nintendo Switch game. If you’re new to Animal Crossing and want to play the game’s earlier installments of the game or play the mobile version, or even if you’re an Animal Crossing expert, there are a few tips and tricks you should be aware of. This game is more than just cute animals, and whether you play Animal Crossing on your game console or your mobile phone, there are a few tips and tricks you could use in both versions to help you thrive in the Animal Crossing world and get the most out of the game.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Pocket Camp is a spin-off mobile version of Animal Crossing that lets you run your own campsite. Just as with the regular Animal Crossing games, you can decorate your avatar, camper, and campgrounds, befriend the animal villagers around the nearby areas, collect items and craft goods, and more! Even though it’s a mobile version of the game, it’s still just as intricate and offers lots of opportunities to utilize some tricks to help you advance in the game. 

One thing you could do is sell the special fruit your trees at Lost Lure Creek produce. Each player gets two trees that grow unique fruit such as grapes, lemons, or lychee, and not every player gets the same fruit. Selling the unique fruit you get in your market lets other people who don’t have that fruit in their game purchase it for quests and you could make a good profit by jacking up the price if they’re desperate enough. Another thing you could do to further yourself in the game is craft items while at work or school. Some items take up to 16 hours to craft, other around 5-6 hours, so it’s a good idea to leave them crafting when you can’t play so when you come back to the game, you’ll have new crafted item. 

The last tip I’ll recommend for you is to always keep a stockpile of 10 of each fruit, fish, bugs, and shells. Doing this will help you fulfill the animals’ requests that you come across in the game quicker, and you should also keep a random selection of flowers for when it’s requested from you. 

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The game most people know and love in regards to Animal Crossing is New Leaf, the series installment where you can take on the role as mayor of your village filled with cute, talking animals. Made for the 3DS, this game has been beloved by fans of the franchise for as long as it’s been out. If you’re still playing New Leaf or are about to begin in preparation for the newest series installment, here are a couple of hacks you could use in the game. 

First off, make sure to bang a rock every day with your shovel. Each day a new rock will contain a precious stone, and one will contain thousands of bells. Trees also hold items like bells and furniture that you can shake to get. Another helpful tip for extra storage space is to use letters as inventory slots. You’re technically only given 16, but letters can hold presents, which can be whatever you want them to be. Putting stuff you don’t use often, but could need in, in letters is a smart way of keeping things without using up storage space.

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Animal Crossing Holiday Event Guide

By nature, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a very slow-paced game with little variation to make up for it. But thankfully, the holidays bring something extra special for all of us Animal Crossing fans!  

Let’s take a close look at Animal Crossing’s spectacular holiday events so that we can avoid frustration and confusion down the road. Come along with me, and we will pick apart the very BEST Animal Crossing events and show you their true colors. Let’s get into it! 

Fireworks Festival

The Fireworks Festival has to be one of my all-time favorites when it comes to Animal Crossing events. As soon as the fireworks festival starts, you’ll be able to head into the center of town and talk to Isabelle for a nice surprise – the ability to design and create your very own fireworks pattern!  

And to top things off, Isabell will also give players an exclusive cosmetic item called “Heart Bopper Hat” that is sure to make your little man or woman shine. In fact, there are tons of free items available around town if you just talk to as many people as possible. You never know what you’re going to get! 

Once you find Crazy Redd, you’ll be able to purchase Red’s Cookie for only 500 bells. Talk about a deal, cosmetic items in games are like a form of currency on their own. And Nintendo is just handing them out? What a steal. 

Fishing Tournament

Here we have the Fishing Tournament; an Animal Crossing favorite since the moment it was showcased. I mean, who doesn’t like fishing? It’s like hunting, trapping, and ingesting alcohol all at the same time. OK, well maybe not in Animal Crossing, but it’s not far off.  

TO get this adventure started, talk to Chip in the Event Plaza and see what’s on his mind. He might even have a chore or two for you to complete. Once you’ve caught a few slimy sea-dwellers, take them on back to Chip so that he can measure their size, and compensate you handsomely! 

I don’t want to spoil any of the different fish breeds (debatably the best part), so I’ll just let you know that there are over six different species to catch! And they all sound strangely similar to the months (how strange). Be on the lookout for a special fishing rod too – they aren’t going to be around for too much longer anyway. 

Bug Off

If you’ve ever played Animal Crossing before, then you know all about the fun minigames available during the special holiday events. Well, in Bug Off things aren’t any different because you’ll have a whole new selection of minigames to keep you entertained while you’re waiting for the mail to show up! 

The days will be going by faster than they did when you first start playing, and that’s a bold statement considering how long we all used to play it. Seriously, these games are only up for a limited time before Nintendo packs it up and gets ready for the next big event.  

During Bug Off, you’ll be able to collect prizes, clothes, and more – but only if you’re winning! That’s right; first place in any one of the games results in an instant prize, along with a real sense of pride and accomplishment. Have fun out there, Gang!

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3 Most Underrated Video Games of All Time

Okay, there’s no denying that the likes of Call of Duty and Halo 3 are amazing video games. However, there are a ton of smaller indie games that are completely glossed over by the mainstream. Or there are games from yesteryear that are just as great – if not better – than some of the games we’re seeing coming out now.

It makes me sad that people are only about games if there’s sufficient enough hype around them to make them interesting. But honestly, there are plenty of games that are amazing that are super underrated.

In this article, I’ll try my best to correct this injustice. Here are the most amazing underrated games of all time:

  1. 1. Alice the Madness ReturnsWhen it comes to horror games, I usually find most of them impossible to play. I personally hate being scared shitless by a video game, I’d prefer watching a horror movie, to be honest. But when it comes to spooky games, Alice is on a whole different level.

Sure, the content of the game may give you nightmares or require some amount of brain bleach after gameplay, but it’s a super fun game when it comes down to it. Personally, I love this property and I think that it’s super underrated in the long run.

2. Dead Head Fred

You may have figured out that while I hate games with jump scares that I still love a little spooky stuff! This game is super original while being super dark. I mean come on, you’re a decapitated detective looking for their stolen head all while being mentored by a mad scientist.

There’s nothing I hate more than a game that has no originality. This game is the complete opposite and it’s heartbreaking to the extent to which it was overlooked. I highly recommend this game.

3. Conan

No, I’m not referencing the comedian! I’m talking about the barbarian. If you love brutish force and bloody combat then this game is definitely something you should give a try. The combat requires skill and the game feels just as pulpy as the original franchize… just with a little more realistic blood and gore.

I love this game for the same reason I love slasher films and cult movies. I recommend this game to anyone who likes quest games and convoluted hero’s journies.

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