How Animal Crossing Helped Me Meet My Girlfriend

If you had to ask me two years ago, what the most obscure game I play is, I would say animal crossing. I mean, who else plays Animal Crossing other than children and older people? 

As it turns out, Animal Crossing is one of the most popular games sold by Nintendo – of all time. Another little quirk about this game is its fanbase. It seems like no matter what Comic-Con-inspired event you go to, you always see about 50 people dressed up as Animal Crossing characters – and I just so happened to find the hottest one. 

Comic-Con San Diego 2014

If you’ve ever thought about paying a visit to Comic-Con all by yourself, trust me when I say that It’s worth it. When you go with your friends, you just end up dealing with one hangup after another. You can barely walk around without bumping into someone dressed as, and you can’t go more than 5 feet without one of your friends taking a picture with someone.  

Sometimes you just need to go and soak in all the culture, hopefully without getting hung up on every little table that has a hot girl handing merchandise out. Once I arrived at the event, I instantly gravitated toward anybody wearing an Animal Crossing costume. And OK, I’ll admit it. I got a little lonely there. 

THat’s why my face lit up like a Christmas tree the moment I saw my girlfriend standing there wearing that sexy little villager costume. And while I’ll be the first to admit a large t-shirt/dress with a flower on the front isn’t very appealing, it spoke volumes to me at the time. 


I should probably premise this story by telling you how great I looked in my Animal Crossing costume. I was wearing my blue vans, long black socks, black shorts, a big red villager shirt with that iconic #1 on the front, and a small wooden ax. I can’t remember being more proud of a simple cosplay in my life. 

Anyways, as nervous as I was to go talk to her, I knew that we had at least one topic to talk about before I choked up and walked away. But this didn’t happen because before I could even turn around after finally building the nerve up, she was standing there right in front of me. She didn’t waste any time either. 

She said, “Hey! I noticed you staring at my costume, and I couldn’t help but notice yours!” I froze instantly. Never before had a girl, let alone a girl that had previously caught my eye, come up and spoken to ME first, but I had to believe my eyes. She was blonde with curls in her hair: not small natural ones though, almost like she did it up just for me. She had a nice body from what I could tell (I couldn’t really see because of the shirt/dress), and she was bubbly as all hell. God, what a woman. 

After some verbal stumbling, I finally came to ask her what her name was. “April,” she said. All I could think about was how perfect of a name it was, and my eyes darted all over the room before I remembered to tell her mine too. 

The First Date?

After some light chatting, she told me about how she’d never been to Chic-fil-a before. I tried to think of something to say about chic-fil-a, but I was still stumbling through my words at this point. Never before had a girl kept up a conversation with me for this amount of time, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how we were standing up. 

I finally said what was buried in my head through the awkward pauses, “I think there’es actually a Chic-fil-a right across the street if you want to grab a bite to eat right now. You can tell me more about your costume!” It was a weird feeling, for sure. But low and behold; it worked. 

We sat down, and I’ll never forget how she looked with that Chic-fil-a booth light resting on her face. God, what a great day that was. I ended up explaining why I was there by myself, and she told me she was trying the same thing this year. She said something along the lines of “It seemed like a good idea t first, but then I got a little lonely. I’m so glad two Animal Crossing enthusiasts found each other, otherwise, I wouldn’t have ever met you. And we’ve been dating for two years this Friday.