5 best sex apps for hookups and casual sex

While a relationship sounds great sometimes, so does casual sex. If you’re anything like me – or like any other person – sometimes your hand or your vibrator just doesn’t seem like it’s gonna do that job. You might need to actually hook up with an actual person.

So, I wanted to cover my bases when talking about hooking up. Because it’s not just straight people who wanna bang! And it’s not just guys either! So, I listed my 5 favorite apps for hook ups and casual sex and broke them up by which are best suited for different genders and sexualities!

For the straights:

When it comes to hooking up, it’s a total numbers game.
If you want to find someone and find someone fast, then FuckPal is definitely the app for you. This way you can swipe through a ton of people (you might have to lower your standards a little bit) and find someone who’s looking for something less serious.
FuckPal has a ton of people on it, so you’re bound to find someone who’s down to bang – and you’re bound to find someone pretty soon!

If you’re looking for something really casual, Feeld is definitely an app you should try. If you’re into doing things that are slightly unorthodox, then you’ll probably like this app.
This app says that it’s made for the open minded, so if you’re one of these people you should get an account!
The app is super sleek in design and makes it easy to swipe through singles – and couples – who are looking for something different.

This app calls itself a dating app but in reality, it’s definitely geared more toward hook ups and casual sex!
If you’re into polyamory then this is also definitely the app for you!

For the gays:

Do you like guys with a little scruff? Are you a guy with a little scruff?
For all you bears and other hairy gay stereotypes, this app is definitely something you should download immediately.
They also have a community attached to the app! So if you’re every looking for a party or looking to plan a gay-vacay, you should also look on Scruff.

The community aspect of the app will help you connect with the gay people around you, but if you’re looking just to hook up this app is also for you!

This app – in my opinion – is the undisputed king of gay hook ups. You can’t go wrong with an app that is unashamedly meant for hooking up!

You’re gonna see a lot of headless torsos, but hey! You’ll probably get laid.

For the gay ladies:

While the hook up culture amongst gay women isn’t as prevalent as the hook up culture with gay men, HER is the closest thing that you can get to a gay-girl Grindr.
This app is a great way to meet other gay women – as Tinder isn’t necessarily the best dating app for members of the LGBT+ community.
So if you’re a gay lady or if you’re a femme non-binary person, then this app was created exactly with you in mind!

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Browsing Live Sex Cams Got Me Laid the Very SAME Night [TRUE]


Meeting up with the girl I was watching live on InstantChat wasn’t part of my plan at all on that fateful night, so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little starstruck.

  • Making the Bald Man Cry

    It all started with a long day at work. You know those days where you’re practically sitting still watching the clock move slower than it ever has before. Even when you are busy for a moment, you look back at the clock to realize that almost no time has gone by?

    Yeah, it was one of those days. Anyways, I get home, take my shoes off, lay in bed and pull out my phone. The clock says it’s 11:38. I had work at 7 am so I figured I should go to bed and stop mucking around on my phone. That’s when I pulled up the cam site.

    I decided to start studying some fluid dynamics studying some fluid dynamics before bed so I can fall asleep a little faster, when I come across this cam girl who looks like she was created from clay by the gods themselves.

    I think to myself, “By the Nine!” and I message her to see if she wants to start a private chat with me. To my surprise, she agrees and ends her stream just for me. This is already getting a little fishy, so I decided to Google her. (I won’t include her name) Turns out, she was the real deal.

  • Courage is Key

    I go out on a whim and see if she wants to just skype me. (I had already tipped her a gross amount) She agrees and calls me. My heart is beating at 1000 beats per minute at the least until I answered that call, but I’m glad I did because ho-ley-shit. She was even hotter on skype somehow.

    All She had to do was say my name a couple times and I told her I was about wrapped up. She told me to stop and asked if I wanted to meet up right before my fucking jaw hit the floor. Apparently, she liked the looks on me as well because before I know it, I’m walking for forty minutes to an apartment building on the other side of the tracks.

    Figuring these would be my last moments before getting mugged or sold into some kind of slave trade, I had a few beers on the way to calm my nerves.

  • Moment of Truth

    Visibly shaking probably wasn’t a very sexy way to walk up to the door but, fuck it. It was like 50 degrees outside and I was still in my work clothes. I was ready to fool around and fall in love anyways, so it didn’t matter.

    She answers the door, and we have some formalities, then we start steaming together for the next 3 hours and I didn’t even notice. My god. It was like living a dream while wrapped in silk sheets that were woven by the goddess of love herself. Words cannot describe how amazing it was, only tears can.


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3 Most Underrated Video Games of All Time

Okay, there’s no denying that the likes of Call of Duty and Halo 3 are amazing video games. However, there are a ton of smaller indie games that are completely glossed over by the mainstream. Or there are games from yesteryear that are just as great – if not better – than some of the games we’re seeing coming out now.

It makes me sad that people are only about games if there’s sufficient enough hype around them to make them interesting. But honestly, there are plenty of games that are amazing that are super underrated.

In this article, I’ll try my best to correct this injustice. Here are the most amazing underrated games of all time:

  1. 1. Alice the Madness Returns

    When it comes to horror games, I usually find most of them impossible to play. I personally hate being scared shitless by a video game, I’d prefer watching a horror movie, to be honest. But when it comes to spooky games, Alice is on a whole different level.

Sure, the content of the game may give you nightmares or require some amount of brain bleach after gameplay, but it’s a super fun game when it comes down to it. Personally, I love this property and I think that it’s super underrated in the long run.

2. Dead Head Fred

You may have figured out that while I hate games with jump scares that I still love a little spooky stuff! This game is super original while being super dark. I mean come on, you’re a decapitated detective looking for their stolen head all while being mentored by a mad scientist.

There’s nothing I hate more than a game that has no originality. This game is the complete opposite and it’s heartbreaking to the extent to which it was overlooked. I highly recommend this game.

3. Conan

No, I’m not referencing the comedian! I’m talking about the barbarian. If you love brutish force and bloody combat then this game is definitely something you should give a try. The combat requires skill and the game feels just as pulpy as the original franchize… just with a little more realistic blood and gore.

I love this game for the same reason I love slasher films and cult movies. I recommend this game to anyone who likes quest games and convoluted hero’s journies.

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